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Made with care respecting the lands they are grown

The wines at Dagon Winery are made in harmony with their environment throughout the whole process. After taking caring of the soils and lands where the “happy grapes” are grown and a manual gathering of the grapes according to when the moon favours, a free-of-selected, laboratory yeast fermentation takes place. When matured, wines are bottled using the best quality cork coming from Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, managed according to the strict economic, social and environmental regulations of the Forest Stewardship Council.

They hold the hallmark of distinction of Rainforest Alliance, being Dagon Winery the very first winery in Europe to be given this certification. 

The wines are sulphites free and are certified by the Spainsh natural, wine-making association and they are under the Utiel- Requena appellation d’origine. Vines have not been added any chemical products. Click to know more.

Every bottle has its own history at Dagon Winery

Its limited production comes from different plots. Every bottle keeps the authentic taste from the plot where grapes were born. The hillside, the valley or hill of origin are highlighted on the label.

Wine in harmony with the Earth and the sky

All the steps taken to make all wines are within a cycle which takes into account the four seasons, Astrology, but most of all the natural conditions from the lands where vines are grown. Finally, you drink what land allows to grow in the area without breaking artificially the local ecosystems. That’s why our fine quality is based on the balance itself what lands, soils and the sky favour vines.