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The logic consequence of an exquisite care

When grapes arrive at the winery we always remove the stalks from grapes. After pressing them softly, must is going to start a great alcoholic fermentation thanks to the autochthonous yeasts (found in the skin) which are kept intact as we use no chemical products in our grapevines.

Each one of the fermentation deposits contains the grapes of a particular plot. Throughout this stage, we do not add any extra element. We do not need any kind of enological products. We do not also make use of rectifications of any kind. Our wines are based both on the quality of the soils and on the quality of the grapes themselves. If grapes are fine, if they have grown “happily”, they do not need any extra substances. A great wine will be made in a spontaneous and natural way as a logical consequence of its own nature.

A vine, loving mother of grapes, want his child to change, she wants his to become wine well. And she wants him to be a good wine. She wants him to be mature, oak permitting, so he can tell everybody all his history, as a bottled message.